PowerTube 1.3 available in the AppStore

We are proud to bring the next version of PowerTube to the AppStore.

This update is just an intermediate update to support the latest changes on YouTube.

But some of the next features are already part of this version.

NewsCenter – here is the right place to get information about the new features of PowerTube and/or the latest news about YouTube.

Feedback – tell us your idas about further features of PowerTube

The next update is already in development and we are sure to depoly it in the near future for your. So stay tuned 😉

Yours,  Chris

UUIDViewer universal 1.4 longphone version in AppStore

The new release of UUIDViewer is now available in the AppStore

It´s an universal app for iPhone and iPad. Now also optimized for iPhone 5.

It does exactly what it´s name says – it shows the UUID of the iOS device running on.

With this app you can copy the UUID (UID,UDID) in your clipboard or send it directly via mail to the person who need it.

The email contains also your coordinates and the iOS version.